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Mantashe needs to get Mining Charter ball rolling to secure the industry’s future:

For Mining Minister Gwede Mantashe to reach his goal of a new Mining Charter agreement within three months, he must get the ball rolling without delay.

The new charter should be well designed and its threshing out will take time as it must involve all stakeholders to carve out a future for the mining industry. Stakeholder must have enough opportunity to participate with open minds, aimed at striking a balance that will benefit the country and all who live in it.

It is critical that the transformation of the mining industry comes about in the correct manner, with all things possible done to optimise shareholder value and keep operators in the industry economically sustainable and financially viable on the one hand, while at the same time socially corrective measures must be implemented on an inclusive basis.

The challenges facing the mining industry are manifold, with the ongoing decrease in production that started early in 2017 probably the most disturbing. UASA’s experience is that severe cuts in expenditure and human capital are being made by numerous mining houses to counter low commodity prices and rising operating costs.

The new Mining Charter will have to be developed and resolved through negotiation, with representation by a broad range of stakeholders – government, business, labour and communities. Mantashe’s trade union background, being a seasoned negotiator and, to top it all off, a politician, is the ideal person to champion this critically important process.  


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