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DMR must speed up investigation into Sibanye-Stillwater fatalities and stick to due process

Mining company Sibanye-Stillwater's fatalities have reached disastrous proportions with 21 deaths since February this year.

Even a single fatality is one too many and completely unacceptable.

However, it is UASA’s contention that the law must run its course. Nothing prevents the Department of Mineral Resources to speed up its work to complete the investigation as per the Mine Health and Safety Act 29 of 1996. With one of our members, Lingani Innocent Mngadiuasa, a shift supervisor, having lost his life in the course of his duties at the mine, as well as all other fatalities and their loved ones, UASA demands due process from the Mine Health and Safety Inspectorate.

The inspectorate should make public a comprehensive report of causes and recommendations of the last four years of Sibanye-Stillwater’s fatalities or provide a copy of such a report to the parliamentary committee on Mineral Resources. This would enable the relevant unions, parliamentary committee and the Minerals Council to interrogate such a report and then come up with recommendations.

UASA does not support a process that undermines the law or transfers problems from the current management to a “to be appointed curator” as per the parliamentary committee. We need to know exactly what lead to the unnecessary deaths, who is to be held accountable and how such tragedies can be prevented in future. This is after all the very same Parliament that committed itself to the rule of law in the Presidential Committee and on other platforms. 

UASA insists on consistency from all parties in all matters.

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