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We need to break out of the poverty of ambition- And become rich givers

We live in a world where there is a growing tendency of people suffering from a poverty of ambition. Former US President Barack Obama explained this during his Annual Mandela Day Lecture at the Wanderers Stadium yesterday.

He says that people all over the world are chasing wealth in pursuit of bigger houses, smarter cars, the best schools for our children, the latest fashion, and all other material things that make us feel good. While we enjoy the fruits of a “rich” lifestyle, we do not realise that we are in fact becoming “poor” in ambition. We fail to see that we live for ourselves only, and we give back nothing to what enabled us to live this rich lifestyle. We forget what it is to give to the real poor in society, to physical give something of ourself, to do something tangible for others that will improve their lives.

UASA believes that today, on the day that we commemorate Tata Madiba’s birthday, that we should all break out of this mode of being “poor in ambition”, and start living a life that will make a difference to the lives of all fellow South Africans. Let us all become “rich” in giving to others – today and as we are moving into the future!