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Violent crime needs to be addressed

More must be done to address the problem

The shocking impact of violent crime in South Africa was brought home to UASA staff with the terrible news of the murder of Mrs Fan Liebenberg, an 80 year old pensioner from Krugersdorp.

Mrs Liebenberg was a family member of a UASA staffer at the trade union’s head office in Florida, Roodepoort.

Despite police efforts, crime seems to remain at unacceptable levels. We are particularly alarmed at the violence that accompanies crime and believe that more must be done to address the problem, for instance by introducing more severe punishment for perpetrators that commit violent crimes.

It is unacceptable that South Africans have to live with continuous fear because criminal elements simply have no respect for the lives of fellow citizens. It is time that authorities introduce alternative punishments to dissuade perpetrators from doing violent crime.