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NHI to burden the taxpayer even more

National Health system on the cards, yet minister mum on plans to fix hospitals

UASA is deeply concerned about the effect of the National Health Insurance on the already overburdened South African taxpayer who is faced with yet another form of tax, albeit applicable only to employees earning more than a certain remuneration level.

It was announced today that the Ministry of Health aims to start with NHI pilot programs in April 2012.

UASA finds it inexplicable that, while the Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi, is clear on the amount of money that will be required to make a success of the NHI, nothing is said about how he intends fixing our hospitals. Currently much of the problems our health system is facing, are the result of inappropriately qualified personnel appointed in our provincial hospitals. 

We would like the good minister to elaborate on his plan and explain his strategy to fix the entire South African health system.