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Capital Legacy: Why do I need a will

Why do I need a will?



 2018 09 CAP 011


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Why do I need a will?

  • Ensure your inheritances go to the loved ones you intend on benefitting
  • Can protect your Children’s inheritance from the Government Guardian’s Fund
  • Ensures that your wishes are carried out
  • Save on Estate duty with proper planning
  • Appoint professionals to execute your Estate and manage the Testamentary Trust thereafter

What happens if I die without a will?

  • The court could appoint someone you do not approve of to be your Executor and / or Trustee
  • If you have no immediate or close family, distant relatives rather than close friends or a life partner – will claim the inheritance
  • Your Estate will be dealt with according to rigid and inflexible laws
  • Your minor Children’s inheritance might suffer, since anything they are entitled to receive may be transferred in a monetary form to the Government Guardian’s Fund or to the Children’s nominated Guardian where it will remain until they turn 18

Why the legacy protection plan?

  • The Legacy Protection Plan™ accompanies your Will to protect you and your loved ones from exorbitant legal fees when you pass away
  • With the correct product, you will have NO Executor Fees, NO Testamentary Trust Fees, NO Conveyance Attorney Fees and NO Non-Estate Administration Fees
  • An Immediate cash Benefit will be paid to a Beneficiary of your choice within 48 hours