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Stringent measures needed to end road slaughter

Too many buses with questionable roadworthyness on South African roads

UASA deplores yet another tragic bus accident which claimed the lives of innocent passengers – this time 14 primary school children of the Knysna area in the Southern Cape. Many families were suddenly plunged in misery by an incident that could, in all probability, have been prevented.

While we realise that forensic tests still need to be conducted on the wreckage of the bus to determine the probable cause of the disaster, we are alarmed by the large number of bus accidents in South Africa, in recent years, and disgusted by unscrupulous bus owners and operators who continue to convey paying passengers on vehicles which they know aren’t roadworthy or fit for public transport.

Why is it that South Africa reacts only after each bus tragedy, instead of taking proactive measures to ensure that our public transport is one hundred percent safe? UASA appeals to the Ministry of Transport to take stringent measures that will put an end to the slaughter on our roads as a result of buses – and other vehicles, for that matter – with questionable roadworthiness.