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Extension of MEIBC Main Agreement to Non Parties

Some good news:  IN a milestone event yesterday at MEIBC we had a meeting called for the parties at the MEIBC, this was done in terms of Sec 32(1)(a)and (b) of the LRA, whereby all the parties to the MEIBC had to vote to have the 2 collective agreements (1) MEIBC New Collective Agreement and (2) RAECA Registration and Administration agreement, to have them extended to non-parties, the first attached are the outcomes of the vote, 68% of Emp0loyers have voted to have both agreements extended to non-parties, 100% of Labour voted in favour of the extensions, 3 Employer’s Organisations have voted against, NEASA was one of them. We sucseededed to get a majority vote on both agreements.

The MEIBC will now send the outcome of the vote and the application to the Minister via DOL to get this agreement gazetted and then non-parties have to comply, their 4 year holiday will now come to a end, the DOL have indicated if all go well it can be Gazetted by November 2018.

In terms of our CBL Collective Bargaining Levy (agency Fee) we also had a bilateral with the Employers SEIFSA and it  will be a Agenda point for the next Manco, to try and push this agreement to be implemented before end of this year it will help with the recruitment.

If not sure please give me a call, also advise members of the outcome of the vote and of the process to have it Gazetted.