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UASA welcomes drop in murder rate, but remains cynical

Is it just dwindeling rhetoric?

It is hard not to be cynical about the announcement by the Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa, that South Africa’s murder rate dropped by 6,5% to 15 940 murders in 2010/11.

Sure, it is a big improvement on the 1994/95 figure of 27 000, but the prevailing rate remains unacceptably high. South Africa still has the dubious distinction of ranking among the nations with the highest crime rate, including murder.

UASA is of the opinion that the real reasons for the high murder rate – albeit apparently on the decline – still needs to be established and dealt with properly. Drug and alcohol abuse cannot be eliminated as a major cause, and neither can wanton killings just to gain possession of other people’s property. Law enforcement in our country seems to lack the will and determination to put an end to this sorry state of affairs.

We believe that South Africa has become an exceedingly violent society with little or no respect for human life. What has happened to the call for a moral revival in South Africa? Once again it seems to have dwindled in rhetoric.