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Neither the state nor employers care enough for the health and lives of workers:

A UASA representative who visited the families of workers who lost their lives in the Rheinmetall Denel Munitions explosion, 

tragedy with delegates of the Department of Labour (DoL) yesterday, reported that the accident scene was too horrific to look at, and that forensics and doctors at the scene could still not give the Minister of Labour a correct figure of the fatalities.

The horrific explosion, as well as the burning building in the Johannesburg CBD where three firemen died trying to contain the blaze, highlight the lack of due diligence by companies and the state regarding the safety of workers.

It is the responsibility of the DoL to enforce the protection of workers in the workplace. That the tragedies are being investigated is, of course, diligent, but what is really called for is that employers and the DoL make work of taking their mandate to create a safe working environment for workers seriously.

We too often hear that workers are the capital of industry, but in reality the health and lives of workers are not prioritised.

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