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Criminal charges against Pamodzi directors may speed up liquidation

It is time they are brought to task.

UASA supports the joint provisional liquidators of Pamodzi Group in their enquiry into the affairs of the group’s dealings with Aurora Empowerment Systems.

UASA further supports the possible laying of criminal charges against the witnesses, as they do not seem to cooperate to bring the liquidation process or the enquiry to a close.

It would seem as if Messrs Khulubuse Zuma, Zondwa Mandela, Thulani Ngubani, Yaseen Theba, Solly Bhana and Faizel Bhana, directors of Pamodzi, are simply employing stonewalling techniques to hinder the liquidation process. This is no different from their arrogant actions toward the employees of Aurora when they refused to pay them their due wages. It is time that they are brought to task.