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UASA opposed to Eskom 15% tariff hike proposal

Eskom’s dream of possible 15% tariff increases over each of the next three years to make the already overburdened South African worker pay for its failures, is a slap in the face of every hard-working citizen.

UASA is 100% opposed to the proposed tariff hikes. Workers are stretched to the limit and can barely make it through the month on their take-home pay. How does Eskom imagine milking and holding South Africans to ransom for its poor leadership and corruption will improve anything?

South Africa’s workers cannot and should not suffer due to Eskom’s poor decision-making over the years. Instead, it is time for Eskom to face the truth - the issues at Eskom cannot be solved by money alone, but a deep inspection of the entire company and staff is also desperately necessary. The corruption that brought the company to its knees during the Zuma days needs to be undone, and those that were involved should be removed from the payroll.

Should the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) allow the proposed tariff hike, it will see South Africans paying 102c per KW from the current 89c per KW.

Companies and employers will not be able to match these rising costs and this will without a doubt create an environment of possible job losses. With unemployment currently sitting at 27.5% any advancements we have been making in the economy no matter how big will be crippled.

Eskom CEO Phakamai Hadebe says the company will reach a debt of R600 billion should it fail to implement its proposals.

UASA contends that instead of proclaiming “every South African’s responsibility in helping the struggling utility company” by paying more, Hadebe should consider saving money by being transparent about contracts signed during the Zuma days. UASA believes many of those contracts were over-inflated and were used to rob South African’s of their hard-earned money for the benefit of a few.

Eskom must sweep its own stoep with its own brooms. The country’s workers are losing patience with the continuous tapping of their disposable income.

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