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Last chance to submit comment on the Performers Protection Amendment Bill

The Performers Protection Amendment Bill was passed in Parliament in December and has now been sent to the National Council of Provinces for concurrence. The select committee on trade and international relations has invited individuals to submit written comments on the bill.

UASA and its affiliate the South African Guild of Actors (SAGA) make a stand for South Africa’s actors to ensure they get paid fairly and their rights are respected, and in particular when broadcasters sell shows abroad.

South Africa’s actors are being exploited by greedy broadcasters, producers and studios relying on old archaic laws that govern the industry to protect themselves. Our actors should be paid royalties like their overseas counterparts so they can keep on entertaining us.

“We are in the very last stretch towards getting the law on our side as audio-visual performers, we cannot have justice for our actors delayed,” says veteran actress Flo Masebe, who tirelessly pushed for the bill to be passed.

The closing date for comment is today (22/02/2019). Submissions can be emailed to Mr Hlupheka Mtileni at

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