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Workers will pay for the higher fuel price and toll gate fees in more ways than one

The 74c more per litre of petrol and almost R1 per litre of diesel that workers will pay as from Wednesday, combined with the increase in toll gate fees that came into effect on Friday will have a negative effect on the economy. Workers are already cash-strapped with disposable income at a minimum.

petrol price increase

UASA is far from happy with these developments. Not only will this increase the cost of travelling, but the ripple effect on the prices of consumer goods will deplete workers’ finances and buying power even more.

Coupled with the carbon tax, which comes into effect on 1 June this year and is expected to add another 30c to the fuel levy, workers and the poorest of the poor will be hit the hardest.

The resulting higher costs of travelling will make it even harder for the employed to get to work and for unemployed job seekers to travel to job interviews – a worrying point given our sky-high unemployment rate.

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