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Government intervention needed to ward off negative effects of toll roads on the South African consumer

Arrogance of institutions like Sanral will have a negative impact on our economy

UASA welcomes the suspension of all work on South Africa’s national toll roads project in favour of an extensive and all-inclusive consultative process with the South African public.

The arrogance of institutions like Sanral, who simply insist that the consumer pay up for the construction of the country’s road network will surely have a negative impact on our economy. South Africa’s working class will find it increasingly difficult and even impossible to survive financially.

According to statistics released by the Bureau of Market Research earlier today, more than 50% of South Africans with credit agreements are over three months in arrears with their instalments. Add to this additional toll fees and sky-high electricity prices, both of which will have an aggravating effect on food inflation.

It is time for an intervention on senior Government level to prevent the poor from growing poorer and businesses from laying off more workers.