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Gordhan on target with plans to curb wasteful spending and to create sustainable jobs

UASA impressed by the overall tone of the speech'on_target'_Uasa

UASA welcomes plans to beef up efforts to curb wasteful and extravagant public expenditure and the shift in spending priorities from welfare to infrastructure and economic growth, as announced today by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in his Mini-Budget.

In addition, the R25bn package for business support is a clear indication that the minister is serious and convinced that businesses needs to be bolstered as the only way to create sustainable jobs. 

UASA is impressed by the overall tone of the speech. We are hopeful that the different government departments will heed the call and will ensure that the required competencies are put in place to for the correct spending of the budgeted amounts.

We further trust that President Zuma’s sacking of two ministers yesterday will spark off a trend to root out corruption and fraud