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UASA commends Cynthia Carroll, Anglo American as exemplary corporate citizens

UASA commends mining giant Anglo American Chief Executive Cynthia Carroll for publicly admitting that the mine’s environmental history leaves much to be desired.

Carroll also admitted in the past week that mining activities in Sishen are the reason why farms in the area are becoming increasingly dewatered.

In addition, Anglo was recently singled out as one of 125 mines coal mining without the necessary water permit.


Carroll said that Anglo is in fact very concerned about South Africa’s water situation and committed to making water a top priority in Anglo for the next ten to twenty years.

For this, Carroll and Anglo American must be praised as exemplary corporate citizens.

UASA is urging other corporate leaders and citizens to follow suit.

We are facing serious challenges in respect of water and we should all develop respect for this precious resource.

Water should top the agenda all over as per the example set by Anglo.