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UASA ready and willing to work with

For the first time Pres. Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address created the impression that government is eager to put South Africa to work. His address made us feel positive and motivated; we look forward of being part of the plans he spelled out.


The development of economic zones, integration of rail and road transport and the development of infrastructure have been long overdue. The strong emphasis on rail transport will prevent the further deterioration of the country’s road network and restore rail as the backbone of the economy.

The development of trade corridors makes sense as proper transport between South Africa and its neighbouring countries is of critical importance for local manufacturers who want in export their products.

We welcome the fact that Zuma took heed of presentations by the car manufacturing sector to lower the general cost of doing business.

The development of infrastructure could act as a catalyst to kick start the economy, with very possible spin-offs for small business and the creation of desperately needed job opportunities.

We are ready and willing to work with government to bring these plans to fruition.