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Why should hard working citizens tolerate this?

The trade union UASA demands that government take urgent and immediate steps against officials abusing the system. Enough taxpayers’ money has been wasted on these cases.


 Reports about Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale who seemingly claims exorbitant amounts for using private vehicles in the course of his work and police officers who take an average of 77.2 days sick leave per year at the Maitland police station in Cape Town are cases in point.

 According to media reports, in September 2011, Mathale was paid R446 000, including his R75 000 monthly salary.  A quick calculation shows that, after deducting his salary of R75 000 per month, he would have received R12 000 per day after claiming for the use of his private vehicles. Even if he could claim R5 per kilometre, this means that he would have travelled approximately 2400 kilometres per day, every day of the month. This is no less than preposterous and should get immediate attention from government.

 The abuse by police officers of sick leave as reported to Parliament’s police oversight committee  is a national scandal. The fact that some of these perpetrators were actually promoted in spite of, and therefore rewarded for, their unacceptable and unprofessional behaviour, leaves one speechless. How is it possible that police management get away with running their department at this level of inefficiency?

Any sign of corruption should be confronted head-on and without delay. The fact that reports of this nature appear in the media regularly shows that not nearly enough is done to combat the problem.

 Pres. Jacob Zuma did not touch on the important issue of corruption in his State of the Nation Address. We now demand that steps be taken immediately to make an example of officials who steal money from the state and therefore from taxpayers and the poor.