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A tight Budget, but fuel prices and e-tolling remain a concern

Another hole in the pockets of South Africans

UASA expected a tight National Budget for 2012/2013 and is positive about the proposed infrastructure development projects as a way to create jobs and kick-start the the revival of the economy.

However, the increase of the general fuel levy by 20c a litre and the Road Accident Fund levy by 8c a litre are causes for concern, especially in combination with the e-tolling of Gauteng’s roads.

With a total increase of 28c a litre in the fuel price and 33c per km on toll roads, this will certainly make a hole in the average South African’s pocket.

With e-tolling capped at R550 per month, this could mean an extra expense of R6 600 per year to the average worker – just to get to work every day. The fact that taxi’s are exempt, means that some workers will get away scot-free, while others will be forced to dig deep into their pockets to make ends meet or to earn their keep.

UASA is of the opinion that this comes down to unacceptable discrimination.