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Fuel price hike will drive South Africa's workers and the poor over the edge

UASA insists that government should review the situation

The 73c hike in the fuel price taking effect tomorrow is of grave concern to the trade union UASA.


The household finances of South Africa’s poor and middle-class population are stretched to the limit and tomorrow’s price hike will worsen their situation considerably.

The fact that millions of South Africans are stuck in poverty, with little hope of finding jobs while supporting extended families, seems of little or no concern to government.

Already nearly half of borrowers, many owing 75c out of the rand, cannot repay their debts and over 6 000 South Africans apply for debt counseling every month.

The price of electricity, which will rise with 16,9% for Eskom power users, will also come into effect this month, with municipal power consumers following on 1 June.

The extra expenses will drive many to approach financial institutions for further loans, just to help them through the month, resulting in even more financial sorrows.

The situation is critical and UASA demands once more that government look again at what can be done to relieve the situation for the country’s workers and the poor.

UASA urges its members and the average South African to be strong and limit their spending as much as possible. Now, more than ever, is the time to live responsibly and limit debt levels to what is really necessary.