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SA at the forefront of Science and Technology

Reacting to the breaking news that the SKA will be shared and built in SA and Australia, the trade union UASA congratulates the Minister of Science and Technology and her team for doing an excellent job in ensuring that we will share the location for the world's most powerful radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array, as announced by the scientific consortium in Amsterdam today.

Waiting for the announcement has been reminiscent of the announcement when we won the bid to host the World Cup  in 2010.  The technical committee in this instance did us proud and we are ready to host the world's most powerful radio telescope.

The construction of the SKA is expected to cost about 1.5 billion Euro, so even as we have to share it with Australia, it will mean a lot to our economy. The operations and maintenance of a large telescope normally cost about 10% of the capital costs per year. It is estimated that the SKA consortium would be spending approximately 100 to 150 million Euro per year on the telescope. It is expected that a significant portion of the capital, operations and maintenance costs would be spent in the host countries.

Celebrations are in order as the announcement coincides with our celebrating of Africa day today.