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A small part of the nation’s savings on fuel could have made a huge dent in e-tolling debt

UASA celebrates the considerable drop in the petrol price coming into effect at midnight tomorrow.

The announcement by the Department of Energy last week that the price of 95 octane unleaded petrol would fall by 85c a litre and 93 octane by 89c a litre, following a cut of 55c per litre last month,  will bring considerable relief for South Africa’s cash strapped households, especially those who own their own vehicles. Others, who make use of public transport, can also benefit if taxi and bus operators show themselves wiling to lower their ticket prices accordingly.

However, the question is whether a smaller cut in the price of say 75c per litre for 95 octane unleaded and 79c per litre for 93 octane would have been the wiser option, considering the huge looming e-tolling debt that has to be repaid.

UASA believes that South Africa’s consumers would have been more than happy with a slightly smaller drop in the fuel price if that meant a considerable amount could have gone towards settling the e-tolling debt.