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Instead of expensive purchases, Government should focus on lowering personal income tax

Government’s apparent insensitivity towards the plight of the South African tax payer and the country’s poor has once again been demonstrated by its plans to buy a R2,1 billion jet to transport President Zuma, says Koos Bezuidenhout, CEO of the trade union UASA.


We are relieved that the plans have been cancelled for now, and can only hope they will not be revived soon.

To use tax payers’ money for expensive and unnecessary state procurements in these difficult times is unacceptable.

Instead Government should aim to lower personal income tax by more efficient service delivery, which in turn can lead to lower municipal tariffs and lower inflation.

Bezuidenhout says he agrees with opinions that if British Prime Minister David Cameron can use British Airways to fly, then Zuma can fly SAA. Angela Merkel of Germany flies to her meetings in a customised Airbus SAS A340 that didn’t cost half the price of what was envisaged for Zuma until last Friday.

We can only hope that Government will come to its senses.