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UASA supports HPCSA’s tariff guidelines in order to ensure accessible health services

Statement by André Venter, spokesperson of UASA:

Until South Africa finds a healthy balance between struggling state hospitals and frequently overcharging private hospitals and medical institutions, we shouldn’t be too surprised to hear the loud objections of health professionals in the private sector.


It is our belief that health professionals in the private sector should become more realistic with their rates and better their attitude towards the sick and injured, while state hospitals need to improve their services, management and rid themselves of incompetence and general disrepair.

Both sides will need to make compromises to be of proper service to South Africans. Currently both sides make it difficult for South Africans in need of medical services to approach them for help.  State hospitals have become a danger zone for many, while private practitioners have become unaffordable to most, often because of excessive and even unnecessary treatments that put medical aids under immense pressure.

The contentious tariff guidelines for 2012, published by the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA), will hopefully lead to a transparent process to ensure an accessible, affordable and sustainable health care system in terms of our Constitution.

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