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SDP’s job creation aims ambitious, regulatory environment for SME’s would need revising

Statement by Jacques Hugo, CCO of UASA:

The trade union UASA supports National Planning Minister Trevor Manuel in his quest for a more transparent, effective and productive civil service.



The revised  National Development Plan, as handed to pres. Jacob Zuma during an official sitting of parliament by Manuel today, is ambitious in terms of its aim to decrease unemployment to 14 % in less than 8 years, and 6% in a mere 18 years.

The high unemployment rate together with the poor quality of education, need decisive action from government. These are not new problems, and UASA can only hope that government will indeed put the NDP into action without delay.

The last thing we need is rounds of endless debating while our jobless and uneducated citizens’ suffering is prolonged.

To put the revised NDP into action and create the amount of jobs proposed, mainly by small and expanding firms, government might want to review the regulatory issues that surround small businesses. It is a well-known fact that starting up and running a small business is cumbersome and expensive in South Africa.

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