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Transport strike will hurt economy

The trade union UASA is concerned about the negative effects a protracted transport strike could have on the economy. We are particularly concerned about the contagious effect of what is happening in the mining sector in terms of level of demands and the accompanying aggression of the workers.

We will need responsible leadership from all social partners to facilitate an agreement to resolve the impasse as quickly as possible.


Transport is the backbone of our economy, and any strike in the transport sector has the potential of  causing serious harm to the economy. Other  economic sectors are dependent on the transportation of their goods. If, for instance, fuel and food is not delivered, other sectors will soon come to a grinding halt.

What aggravates the situation that the planned strike comes short on the heels of the recent Marikana massacre. International investors are already keeping a wary eye on South Africa and any further possibility of investment could be thwarted by a transport strike.