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UASA calls for moderation and compromise

UASA welcomes the increase in the UIF threshold from R12,478 a month to R14 872 a month for an income replacement rate of 38%, or R5 651,36 a month for eight months, as announced by labour minister Mildred Oliphant on Monday.

Bearing in mind that these payments are made in instances where employees are more or less “forced” out of employment, e.g. forced retrenchment, the additional cash will come in handy to the newly unemployed. The payment of unemployment benefits should, however, always be seen as an emergency measure.

These are difficult times for employers and employees alike. UASA wants to encourage workers to cherish their jobs and make themselves indispensible, while employers should not fall into the temptation of replacing labour with machines and technology.

UASA calls for moderation and compromise on the sides of all social partners. This land is about its people and not only those few who are set to prosper and profit from it. We encourage workers and their organisations to remain realistic in their demands and employers to  progressively employ more people. Failing this, the pool of the unemployed and the poor will keep on growing, leaving the country’s riches to the fortunate few on both sides of the employment spectrum.