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UASA shocked, disappointed by reports of wide-spread corruption in JMPD

UASA is shocked and disappointed at media reports of rampant corruption among Johannesburg Metro Police Department officers, with over 50 percent having asked for bribes and one in four motorists being targeted.

We condemn this kind of behaviour by metro officials in the strongest possible terms. Strong, ethically motivated leadership is necessary to enforce a new respect for the law.

The truth is, however, that the JMPD is not the only institution that has fallen victim to unacceptable actions. South African society as a whole seems to have become saturated with law-breaking behaviour, from its most “innocent” form to serious crime.

To name a few examples: how many motorists still stop at stop streets, how many seem to think that driving on the wrong side of the yellow lines on our highways is of no consequence, talk on cell phones while driving, etc? Citizens seem to have become a law unto themselves, and would more than likely try to find a way to get away with their transgressions than obey traffic laws.

It may be these inappropriate actions that stimulate the unacceptable behaviour of some law enforcement officers.