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SAA needs unions to realise envisaged turn-around strategy – UASA

The trade union UASA is prepared to work hard alongside South African Airways to ensure that all SAA employees receive a fair and reasonable remuneration and conditions of service dispensation and we must work hard to ensure that SAA breaks even and remains the flagship of South Africa, says Mr. Koos Bezuidenhout, UASA CEO.

Bezuidenhout, accompanied by a UASA senior team, met with Mr. Vuyisile Kona, newly appointed chairperson of SAA, yesterday.  Kona indicated that SAA is facing numerous challenges but wanted all the parties to understand that he would need their support to turn SAA around into a profit-making entity.

UASA welcomes this turn-around focus but cautioned that it would only be possible if the principle of an all inclusive consultation-with-all-stakeholders approach was adhered to. SAA management needed the support of the labour unions and their members to make a success of the envisaged turn-around.  UASA committed itself to provide positive and constructive input into the proposed 10-year turn-around strategic plan.

We would like to make SAA a “happy” airline to fly with and work for, said Bezuidenhout.

UASA raised certain issues in respect of the proper functioning of the bargaining forum, including that collective bargaining issues needed addressing and concluding more speedily.

We remain committed to the all inclusive collective bargaining process and caution against the negative consequences of reaching impasses in the negotiating process.