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UASA warns against anarchy

Reacting to angry workers setting farms on fire in the Western Cape, the trade union UASA warns that the country might be on a knife’s edge and cautions against the escalating illegal strikes and concomitant vandalism.

South Africans have had it with Government failing its citizens in terms of leadership. Lacking in discipline, and with poor examples set in respect of corruption and fraud, an increasing unemployment figure, the escalating cost of living, not forgetting the impending toll fees in Gauteng, South Africa now seems an ideal breeding ground for peacetime revolutionaries to start fires of hatred among angry citizens. Especially the high unemployment rate among the youth is the most flammable.

Marikana was the starting point and the eventual settlement incentivised other to follow suit, setting a very dangerous precedent indeed. The rest of the mining industry followed soon, then the transport industry, now agriculture, and who knows what may follow?

Millions of South Africans are highly disappointed and angry as can be deducted from the sporadic incidences of service delivery protests. It only takes one irresponsible agitator to set the field alight and create chaos.

Instead of building excessively pricey homesteads with tax payers’ money, while fashionably talking about the plight of “The Poor”, South Africa’s president and his fellow leaders should take decisive action to stabilise the situation.

Unfortunately, to talk seems to be the fashionable thing to do, yet it remains the main action taken. It all boils down to lip service.