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Too much talk already - action is needed to solve problems in the mining industry

Too many cooks spoil the broth, warns UASA’s acting Chief Executive Officer Leon Grobler in reaction to the Democratic Alliance’s call for the establishment of an ad hoc parliamentary committee on problems in South Africa's mining industry.

“There are too many committees with too many people who do nothing but talk,” says Grobler, who represents UASA on the Farlam Commission of Inquiry into the Marikana shootings.

“The mining industry and other relevant role-players already have appropriate structures in place where all the relevant parties are represented. These parties know the industry, the issues, the problems, the challenges and the best ways to address these.

“Instead of more talk we urgently need to decide on timeframes to put all structures and implementable action plans in place. E.g. the Bargaining Council for the mining industry needs to be in place before end  February 2013, after which proper, all inclusive, negotiations can start, based on responsible thresholds.

“This will ensure that all relevant role-players form part of the Bargaining  Council,” says Grobler.