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UASA looking forward to a stable mining year with a low accident rate in 2013

It is with deep regret that UASA has learned of the death of yet another miner, this time in a blasting accident at Harmony Gold’s  Kusasalethu plant in Carletonville. Another worker was killed at the mine’s Evander plant in Mpumalanga last week.

These miners were not members of UASA, but as the second largest mining union in South Africa, we deeply regret every miner who loses his life in the course of his duties. The safety and working circumstances of miners should be paramount in the minds of mining magnates.

This has not been a good year for mining in general, and it seems like the sector has suffered permanent damage, dealing a hard blow to the South African economy. The on-going, unlawful wildcat strike actions are a concern, which will probably force the industry to restructure in the near future.

South Africa’s economy is built on the mining industry to a large extend providing direct employment to approximately 500 000 people.

We can only hope that organised labour, the mining houses and government will take decisive action to bring back calm and order to this industry on which at least 1,3 million South Africans are directly or indirectly dependent for their monthly incomes.