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UASA members encouraged to take part in e-tolling protest actions

UASA, having advised its members that they may participate in the national protests against e-tolling, unless they are part of essential services, expects that its members will take part in tomorrow’s national e-tolling protests in great numbers.

Since our members represent a large number of white-collar workers, the economic impact of this could be considerable taking into account that they represent companies like Denel, SAA, mining houses, the motoring industry, manufacturing, and others.

Fedusa, to which UASA is affiliated,  sent a notice to proceed with the protest action to NEDLAC yesterday, meaning that our workers will be fully protected by the law.  The rule of “no work, no pay” will apply as with any other form of industrial action, but they can rest assured that they will not be subjected to disciplinary action if they participate.

Current protest plans include a protest action on 30 November 2012, at 9:00 on Mary Fitzgerald Square, in Newtown.  Protesters will depart at 11:30 and march to the Department of Transport.  In Pretoria a march will commence at the same time in Sophie De Bruyn Street and proceed to the Department of Transport and Department of Finance.

More protests are planned on 6 December from 05:00 onwards.

The aim of these protests will be to close major freeways in Gauteng.  In Ekurhuleni the protests will in all probability affect parts of the N12, N17, N3 and R21, and in Pretoria sections of the N1, N4 and the R21 are likely to be closed.  In Johannesburg itself, the N1, M1, M2, and N12 will be affected.

UASA members have been urged to refrain from violence, intimidation or damage to property, as they have done in the past.