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Uneven import/export playing field hurts manufacturing production

The trade union UASA agrees with economist Mike Schussler's observation that manufacturing production is currently at 2006 levels.

The uneven playing field in respect of import/export is a huge challenge for manufacturing production in South Africa.

South Africans exporting goods are taxed up to 60%, while the same is not true in respect of for instance imports from China. UASA is a direct witness to the effects of this situation and we regularly have to deal with the resulting liquidation of companies, leading to job losses and  many UASA members being put on short time when companies have no choice but to cut back on production.

UASA believes government has been too quick and too liberal in allowing Chinese imports flooding our country. Our local manufacturing sector simply cannot compete against the extent and pricing of imported goods.

Government needs to intervene and provide protection for our own.