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UASA members intimidated, receive death threats in farm strikes

UASA strongly opposes the intimidation of our members who choose not to take part in the farm worker strikes in the Western Cape.

We do stand for acceptable and responsible remuneration for workers, and believe the level of remuneration should be agreed upon via decent and intelligent collective bargaining.

We take a strong stand against the intimidation of and assault on our farm worker members. We have received reports that some of our members have been threatened with violence, assault, that their houses would be burned down and even death. It further seems senseless to destroy employers’ property if economic and productive value are wiped out in the process.

Farm workers who want to work should be allowed to do so. Being prevented to do so, they not only become unwilling pawns in the agendas of political activists, but will also face disciplinary action from their employers.

UASA welcomes that the director-general of the Department of Labour invited the CCMA to become involved. We believe workers and employers can find a solution via constructive mediation.