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UASA urges all stakeholders to work together earnestly towards a solution at Amplats

UASA welcomes Amplats’ announcement that it will postpone its restructuring process and the possible retrenchment of 14 000 workers, including 5 000 UASA members, with 60 days.

UASA will do everything possible to assist the task team that will now visit the respective workplaces to ensure that our members take part in the process in an intelligent, constructive and creative manner. We are pleased that our members now have an opportunity to share their thoughts about how the number of workers that will have to be retrenched eventually can be minimised.

Challenges are non-profitable departments of Amplats and the oversupply of platinum pushing down prices, which will eventually lead to losses for the mining company.

UASA remains positive that all stakeholders are aware of the gravity of the situation and will put in an earnest effort to search for all possible solutions.