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Shocking SAA losses a call to reality

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s confirmation that SAA had made a shocking loss of R4.7bn in the 2014-’15 financial year, and the projected loss of R1,8bn for 2015-’16 is a call to face reality.

UASA welcomes the intervention by treasury, particularly the Minister of finance, to get SAA back to an economically viable and financially sustainable business. According to the minister the long awaited 2014 financial statement of the airline has to be presented to treasury today  and he seems to be quite confident that the newly appointed board will ensure proper Corporate Governance.

UASA, who has been representing workers at the airline for more than 30 years is on record, expressing our grave concern with the current situation at the national carrier, making it clear that we will not back off from our demand for an intervention at the highest level. We demanded an explanation how our members will be affected going into the future as well as an urgent intervention into what we perceived as a crisis at SAA, without which the national carrier would plummet due to the absence of good corporate governance, leadership and instability. We believe that our demand has been heeded to by minister Pravin Gordhan and we are anxiously awaiting the appointment of a new CEO and CFO as well as other competent management who will be able to turn the airline around.

SAA should be restored to a vibrant going concern which can be both a good employer as well as being able to compete with the best airlines internationally. It goes without saying that SAA should be stopped from being a drain on the hard earned tax paying money of South Africans. 

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