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Fuel price: How much more can we take?

The South African consumer is punch-drunk

UASA Media Release: 26 February 2014

A budget speech in an election year is traditionally very

UASA Media Release: 25 February 2014


The 4th quarter growth rate of 3.8% is nothing to get excited about.

Media Release: 25 February 2014UASA: Sufficient funding needed to develop new water schemes.

All eyes will be on finance minister Pravin Gordhan and the National Budget tomorrow

Media Release: 6 January 2014

The higher than expected inflation does not come as a surprise

UASA manages to secure 2000 jobs

UASA Media Release:  13 February 2014

UASA manages to secure 2000 jobs 


While the devastation of strike action in the mining industry is continuing

Rising unemployment as we face a no win situation in the mining sector

UASA Media Release:  11 February 2014 

Shocking statistics reflecting the retrenchment of 35 000 workers in January this year might only be the tip of the iceberg.

Prediction of two more interest hikes before July a nasty shock for over-burdened consumers

UASA Media Release: 6 February 2014 

Citi Research’s prediction of two more interest hikes of 50 basis points each by July this year represents a nasty shock for consumers.

Fuel price increase devastating blow to consumers

UASA is appalled by the news of yet another hike in the fuel price becoming operative this Wednesday.

UASA: Surprise interest rate hike perhaps not the right medicine. The solutions lie elsewhere

Yesterday’s surprise increase of 50 basis points in the repo rate

UASA warns Amcu, platinum miners against discrimination against its members

UASA members in the platinum belt are being intimidated by Amcu to such an extent that a mere 11%

Ill-prepared strike action leads to economic self-destruction

UASA finds it pitiful that we need to kick off 2014 with continuing strike action

New post-school education and

The trade union UASA welcomes the new post-school education and training policy