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UASA accepts final Chamber of Mines offer in gold sector

An overwhelming majority of UASA members in the gold mining sector mandated the union to accept the Chamber of Mines’ final wage-increase offer

Fuel price will wipe out wage increases in the wink of an eye

The drop of 15c per litre in the price of petrol is a cold comfort, particularly against the background of the increasing diesel price.

No stone left unturned in effort to save jobs at Amplats - UASA

UASA is confident that it has left no stone unturned in its efforts to save jobs at Amplats, says Franz Stehring, Divisional Manager looking after the interests of UASA members in the mining sector.

UASA: Ill-advised step by Lonmin could result in a new form of Labour unrest

UASA is disappointed to the extreme by the decision of Lonmin to grant majority recognition to AMCU

UASA negotiates 7,25% wage increase in NBC for wood and paper sector

UASA has reached a wage agreement for its workers in the wood and paper sector

UASA, role players meet with CCMA representative to find a way forward in wage negotiations

After gold mining sector wage talks at the Chamber of Mines deadlocked last week, unions – including UASA and NUM – as well as employers in the sector met with the appointed senior CCMA commissioner today to find a way forward.

Deadlock declared in wage negotiations at Chamber of Mines

While it is still early days in wage talks at the Chamber of Mines, negotiations today deadlocked and the parties, including UASA and NUM, agreed to request a senior commissioner at the CCMA to assist with the process.

A sad day in the history of the SAAF: Aircraft worth billions mothballed due to technical incapacity

 Denel (AMG) retrenchments of qualified and skilled technical employees at the South African Air Force (SAAF) continues to spell disaster for the future of military aircraft capabilities.

UASA opposed to yet another costly task team to study the economy

The trade union UASA is critical about the appointment of yet another task team by the ANC to look at how the economy can be kick-started again.

UASA: Workers fired to fund construction industry fines

Following the penalties amounting to R1.46bn agreed to by the Competition Commission and the companies who have colluded to inter alia submit “bogus tenders”

Fedusa Elated about Mining Peace Agreement

The Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) this afternoon signed an agreement regarding labour peace in the mining sector.  The Federation is very positive about the agreement and repeated its calls for respect to institutions, especially those designed to resolve disputes.  FEDUSA also celebrated the institution of social dialogue to address the socioeconomic challenges of South Africa, while calling for greater inclusivity and democracy in collective labour relations.

Fuel price hike expected, but still a shock to the consumer

The 84c hike in the fuel price was to be expected, but still comes as a shock.

UASA fully committed to the Framework Agreement for a Sustainable Mining Industry


Statement by UASA spokesperson André Venter:

UASA fully commits itself to the Framework Agreement for a Sustainable Mining Industry entered into by organised labour, organised business and government.

Social partners should become responsible citizens

Critical projects such as the Medupi power station is a prime example of trade unions capitalising on the opportunity