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Higher tax for graduates will simply harm the economy

Government’s idea of implementing a higher tax for graduates is simply proof that it will stop at nothing to lay its hands on more hard-earned money of South Africa’s workers, with very little to show in return.

UASA: BECSA and NUM might be inviting a second Marikana

UASA accuses BECSA of reckless and irresponsible behaviour and that it invited labour unrest and strikes.

Government must release its hold on Eskom and give investors a chance

The biggest problem with Eskom is an ideological one. Government is so set on the control of this strategic institution that it prefers to rely solely on funding from user tariffs.

UASA urges all stakeholders to work together earnestly towards a solution at Amplats

UASA welcomes Amplats’ announcement that it will postpone its restructuring process and the possible retrenchment of 14 000 workers, including 5 000 UASA members, with 60 days.

Retrenching 538 highly qualified Denel (AMG)/SAAF employees a futile exercise

The retrenchment of 538 Denel employees as of 14 February 2013, confirmed by Major Gen Mbambo (Acting Chief of the Air Force) from the South Africa Air Force earlier this week, will without a doubt jeopardise the South African Air Force’s defence capabilities.

UASA ready to fight tooth and nail to stop Amplats’ flawed retrenchment plan in its tracks

UASA will fight tooth and nail to defend its members’ rights after Amplats announced its plans to reduce its mining and processing footprint by retrenching  a total of 14 000 workers. The process Amplats intends to follow is flawed and not in accordance with labour legislation.

UASA fully supportive of ANC’s integrity commission

The ANC’s announcement of the establishment of an integrity commission sends out very noble and strong signals.

UASA members intimidated, receive death threats in farm strikes

UASA strongly opposes the intimidation of our members who choose not to take part in the farm worker strikes in the Western Cape.

Government urged to take decisive action to lower the death toll on SA roads

The carnage on South Africa’s roads during the festive season and during the rest of the year can’t simply be blamed on hooligan drivers.

Matrics must make informed choice about their future

On Thursday, 2 January 2013, South Africa’s 2012 matriculants will know their fate.

Many matriculants will go on to tertiary education, while others will enter the rather bleak-looking job market. Both ways, informed choices are required.

Mangaung needs to produce a workable plan for a better South Africa

The ANC has a responsibility towards South Africans to emerge from its national conference in Mangaung with a realistic and workable plan for the country.

UASA members encouraged to take part in e-tolling protest actions

UASA, having advised its members that they may participate in the national protests against e-tolling, unless they are part of essential services, expects that its members will take part in tomorrow’s national e-tolling protests in great numbers.

Uneven import/export playing field hurts manufacturing production

The trade union UASA agrees with economist Mike Schussler's observation that manufacturing production is currently at 2006 levels.

The uneven playing field in respect of import/export is a huge challenge for manufacturing production in South Africa.


The Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) advises members of its affiliated trade unions who wish to participate in national protest action against the implementation of the electronic tolling system on Gauteng freeways.