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Milking of taxpayers’ money by state entities nothing short of disgraceful

Pres. Jacob Zuma’s promises in last year’s State of the Nation speech that ministers’ performance will be monitored, appear to have been mere lip-service.

Petrol increase wipes out what was “given back” to taxpayers

The temporary relief and hope the 2013 Budget Speech granted South Africans, and particularly the R7 bn. “given back” to taxpayers will be wiped out by the petrol price increase of 81c per litre that came into effect at midnight.

Decisive action needed to save SA’s mining sector from a slow death

UASA is most concerned about South Africa’s mining sector, which seems to be dying a slow death.

UASA: 8% Eskom increase better but still very negative

Nersa’s decision to grant Eskom 8% annually over the next five year is a huge improvement on the 16% Eskom requested, but will still have a definite negative effect on South Africa.

Gordhan’s Budget successful in terms of the National Development Plan (NDP) implementation and rooting out fraud and corruption

The trade union UASA supports the call from finance minister Pravin Gordhan  in his 2013 Budget speech this afternoon to adopt the NDP and to work together towards its implementation.

Clamp-down on bad apples long overdue

It is high time that Government makes a real point of not tolerating the bad apples in its midst a minute longer. Real action in this regard is long overdue.

NUM, AMCU aggression to be expected, says UASA

Yesterday’s regrettable unrest at Amplats in Rustenburg was to be expected.

State of the Nation Address 2013

State of the Nation Address By His Excellency Jacob G Zuma, President of the Republic of South Africa on the occasion

UASA: 2nd Marikana looming in coal while stability returns to gold

UASA welcomes the agreement facilitated by the CCMA today between Harmony Gold Mines “ Kusasalethu” and four unions, including UASA, leading to 5 000 jobs being saved.

Zuma to focus on NDP, economic growth and inefficiencies at local government level

President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation address this week should include a more resolute, firm and no nonsense approach

Higher tax for graduates will simply harm the economy

Government’s idea of implementing a higher tax for graduates is simply proof that it will stop at nothing to lay its hands on more hard-earned money of South Africa’s workers, with very little to show in return.

Government must release its hold on Eskom and give investors a chance

The biggest problem with Eskom is an ideological one. Government is so set on the control of this strategic institution that it prefers to rely solely on funding from user tariffs.

UASA: BECSA and NUM might be inviting a second Marikana

UASA accuses BECSA of reckless and irresponsible behaviour and that it invited labour unrest and strikes.

UASA urges all stakeholders to work together earnestly towards a solution at Amplats

UASA welcomes Amplats’ announcement that it will postpone its restructuring process and the possible retrenchment of 14 000 workers, including 5 000 UASA members, with 60 days.