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SA at the forefront of Science and Technology

Reacting to the breaking news that the SKA will be shared and built in SA and Australia, the trade union UASA congratulates the Minister of Science and Technology and her team for doing an excellent job in ensuring that we will share the location for the world's most powerful radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array, as announced by the scientific consortium in Amsterdam today.

AMD: Will the penny finally drop when Johannesburg’s Gold Reef City is flooded?

The trade union UASA is most dissatisfied and somewhat irritated by the fact that next to nothing has been done as such to stop the soon expected decanting of acid mine water in central Johannesburg, and particularly Gold Reef City.

Sugar industry workers to strike if wage negotiations are not brought back on track

The trade union UASA and other trade union parties reached a deadlock in its wage negotiations in the National Bargaining Council for the Sugar Manufacturing and Refining Industry late on Friday night, 11th May 2012.

Striking SAPO workers should get permanent positions

The fact that many workers have been employed in temporary positions by the post office for the past 10 years and despite various agreements with management still have not been permanently employed, make the prolonged strike by frustrated Gauteng Post Office workers understandable.

Post Office Strike

Postnet Strike: As you may be aware, the South African Post Office has been experiencing service interruptions for some time.  This is due to an ongoing labour dispute involving contract workers and labour brokers.

Rise in unemployment figures no surprise

Masses of unskilled employees have been priced out of the market

2012 UASA South African Employment Report Can South Africa afford itself?

South Africa’s lack of employment has now become a crisis that is over two decades old and we have yet to get beyond the slogans.

Government's milking cows might soon dry up

Enough is enough

Government tax policies driving South Africans into poverty – UASA

The Momentum Household Wealth Indicator released today shows that the financial wellness of South African households is under pressure. Most households need to work for an income, says the report, and there is not enough planning to allow their income to work for them.

UASA warns against dire consequences of drop in mining production for all South Africans

The trade union UASA is most concerned about the February figures reflecting South Africa’s mining output released today.

Dubbing it the worst mining production in 51 years, economist Mike Schussler, who is also responsible for the annual UASA Employment Report, says we are now back to pre-1961 levels.

Trade union members older, but not fewer – UASA

The trade union UASA disagrees with Adcorp’s statements that all trade unions lost membership since 2006 and that unions are experiencing a “growing crisis”.

A tight Budget, but fuel prices and e-tolling remain a concern

Another hole in the pockets of South Africans

Fuel price hike will drive South Africa's workers and the poor over the edge

UASA insists that government should review the situation