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Too much talk already - action is needed to solve problems in the mining industry

Too many cooks spoil the broth, warns UASA’s acting Chief Executive Officer Leon Grobler in reaction to the Democratic Alliance’s call for the establishment of an ad hoc parliamentary committee on problems in South Africa's mining industry.

UASA warns against anarchy

Reacting to angry workers setting farms on fire in the Western Cape, the trade union UASA warns that the country might be on a knife’s edge and cautions against the escalating illegal strikes and concomitant vandalism.

Liberate collective bargaining, says UASA CEO

UASA welcomes NUM general secretary Frans Baleni’s article in today’s edition of The Star, in which he elaborates about the history of collective bargaining and concludes by suggesting discussions to create a collective bargaining that works.

UASA negotiates higher minimum wages for mine workers

The trade union UASA is pleased to contribute further to the well-being of workers and their families by successfully addressing the minimum wage issue in the mining industry.

Responsibility of unions and individual South Africans emphasised at 2012 UASA Congress

The responsibilities of trade unions and individuals in South Africa were a recurring theme at the 2012 UASA Congress

SAA needs unions to realise envisaged turn-around strategy – UASA

The trade union UASA is prepared to work hard alongside South African Airways to ensure that all SAA employees receive a fair

UASA shocked, disappointed by reports of wide-spread corruption in JMPD

UASA is shocked and disappointed at media reports of rampant corruption among Johannesburg Metro Police Department officers, with over 50 percent having asked for bribes and one in four motorists being targeted.

UASA calls for moderation and compromise

UASA welcomes the increase in the UIF threshold from R12,478 a month to R14 872 a month for an income replacement rate of 38%, or R5 651,36 a month for eight months, as announced by labour minister Mildred Oliphant on Monday.

Transport strike will hurt economy

The trade union UASA is concerned about the negative effects a protracted transport strike could have on the economy. We are particularly concerned about the contagious effect of what is happening in the mining sector in terms of level of demands and the accompanying aggression of the workers.

Joint Statement between Minister of Labour and Stakeholders on Marikana

The situation at Marikana deserves urgent attention and all parties convened by the Minister of Labour; Minister Mildred Oliphant, today agreed that a lot more effort needs to be undertaken to bring about peace and stability and Lonmin.

The meeting held at Rustenburg's Civic Centre today, brought together the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU), Solidarity, UASA, FEDUSA, National Council of Trade Unions (NACTU) and Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and Lonmin management.

All the parties agreed that urgent steps need to be taken to facilitate the normalisation of the situation.

The following process was agreed to by the parties:

  • The conclusion of a peace accord by all parties with the first meeting scheduled for Wednesday August 29, 2012. This will be facilitated by the Department of Labour.
  • Upon conclusion of a peace accord, the parties will start engaging on the demands raised by the workers and how they would be accommodated within the framework of existing collective bargaining arrangements.

The Minister, Mildred Oliphant thanked all the parties for honouring the invitation saying this was a reason to be hopeful. She further called on the parties to consider option to ensure an all-inclusive collective bargaining framework and called on workers to go back to work.

"All the parties demonstrated willingness and resolved to see a quick and lasting resolution to this problem. They also want to see the country healed from recent tragic events and for all of us to move forward together, and may our people find peace and solace in the efforts that we all are making in resolving the current impasse" said the Minister.

SA must stand together against culture of waste and corruption – UASA

UASA is 100% in agreement with finance minister Pravin Gordhan statements on the culture of waste and corruption that has taken hold of South Africa  – we are ready to work alongside him to prevent this culture from spreading even further.

SDP’s job creation aims ambitious, regulatory environment for SME’s would need revising

Statement by Jacques Hugo, CCO of UASA:

The trade union UASA supports National Planning Minister Trevor Manuel in his quest for a more transparent, effective and productive civil service.


Fuel price shock may lead to job losses as employers are forced to cut costs

The trade union UASA is shocked at the steep petrol price hike coming into effect next Wednesday.

SACOTU calls for tighter regulation following Marikana Massacre

The South African Confederation of Trade Unions (SACOTU) noted with utter shock the events at the Lonmin mine in Marikana last week.  Both SACOTU federations, namely the Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) and National Council of Trade Unions (NACTU) have had in-depth deliberations over the weekend and agreed to call for stricter regulation to avoid future negative repercussions.