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UASA supports HPCSA’s tariff guidelines in order to ensure accessible health services

Statement by André Venter, spokesperson of UASA:

Until South Africa finds a healthy balance between struggling state hospitals and frequently overcharging private hospitals and medical institutions, we shouldn’t be too surprised to hear the loud objections of health professionals in the private sector.


Smaller trade union’s fight for recognition at the core of Lonmin tragedy

Statement by André Venter, spokesperson of UASA:

The tragedy of the deaths of 10 people at Lonmin could well indicate the beginning of the end for Cosatus’ slogan One industry one union.

UASA welcomes cut in interest rates, but urges government and business to work with unions to strengthen SA economy

The trade union UASA is delighted about the Reserve Bank’s monetary policy committee to cut interest rates with 0,5%.

Instead of expensive purchases, Government should focus on lowering personal income tax

Government’s apparent insensitivity towards the plight of the South African tax payer and the country’s poor has once again been demonstrated by its plans to buy a R2,1 billion jet to transport President Zuma, says Koos Bezuidenhout, CEO of the trade union UASA.

A small part of the nation’s savings on fuel could have made a huge dent in e-tolling debt

UASA celebrates the considerable drop in the petrol price coming into effect at midnight tomorrow.

Hands off our workers’ pensions! ANC’s absurd plan will alienate investors

The trade union UASA vehemently opposes the ANC’s proposed plans to push private pension and life assurance money into state enterprises and development finance instruments.

We have said it before and will repeat it now: Hands off our personal savings!

UASA concludes irrelevant debate around its 2012 Employment Report

Award winning economist Mike Schüssler presented this year’s UASA Employment Report (11th) to the media and the public on 4 May 2012.

We are highly disappointed that AIDC and a few other individuals chose to discredit UASA and Schussler by making certain inaccurate assumptions and statements about the report which, as usual, has been consistent with the aim of UASA – namely that we wish to stimulate debate towards finding solutions to poverty and unemployment in the country.

UASA welcomes court ruling on accountability for damage during strike actions

UASA welcomes the ruling by the Constitutional Court in respect of trade unions that will be held accountable for damage to property during strike action.

International assembly of trade unions calls on governments to defend sustainability

Just short of 400 representative of trade unions from across the globe have called on governments to undertake a process of profound change in all areas of economic life, thus defending the sustainability of the planet, its inhabitants and future generations at the Second Trade Union Assembly on Labour and Environment which was held in Rio de Janeiro this week.

UASA welcomes drop in fuel price

The expected drop of 54c per litre in the fuel price next Wednesday will bring much needed and welcome relief for workers who have to make use of private transport to get to work and back on a daily basis.

SA at the forefront of Science and Technology

Reacting to the breaking news that the SKA will be shared and built in SA and Australia, the trade union UASA congratulates the Minister of Science and Technology and her team for doing an excellent job in ensuring that we will share the location for the world's most powerful radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array, as announced by the scientific consortium in Amsterdam today.

Sugar industry workers to strike if wage negotiations are not brought back on track

The trade union UASA and other trade union parties reached a deadlock in its wage negotiations in the National Bargaining Council for the Sugar Manufacturing and Refining Industry late on Friday night, 11th May 2012.

AMD: Will the penny finally drop when Johannesburg’s Gold Reef City is flooded?

The trade union UASA is most dissatisfied and somewhat irritated by the fact that next to nothing has been done as such to stop the soon expected decanting of acid mine water in central Johannesburg, and particularly Gold Reef City.

Striking SAPO workers should get permanent positions

The fact that many workers have been employed in temporary positions by the post office for the past 10 years and despite various agreements with management still have not been permanently employed, make the prolonged strike by frustrated Gauteng Post Office workers understandable.