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The Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) is highly disappointed with Government’s latest no show at the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) this morning. Representatives from government departments were scheduled to meet with Organised Business and Organised Labour (FEDUSA and COSATU). COSATU recently joined FEDUSA’s Section 77 Protest Action against Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) and waste water treatment and wished to formally add additional concerns relating to water quality and accessibility.

Climate change may bring new opportunities

Debate on this issue is essential

UASA welcomes drop in murder rate, but remains cynical

Is it just dwindeling rhetoric?

Stringent measures needed to end road slaughter

Too many buses with questionable roadworthyness on South African roads

NHI to burden the taxpayer even more

National Health system on the cards, yet minister mum on plans to fix hospitals

High unemployment requires 1,4% reduction in prime rate

Any premature increase in the repo rate will exacerbate already dire employment situation

Strike looming in the coal mining sector

Strike could have far-reaching effect on all mining operations

UASA on strike after demands for a 13% wage increase fail

UASA is one of five trade unions involved in the MEIBC strike. The unions this morning marched to hand over a memorandum of demands to the employers. 

Currently the unions have come down with their demand to 13% while the employers have increased their offer to 7%. Part of the unions’ demands still on the table are: 

  • The banning of labour brokers
  • The employers are looking at a three year deal while the unions at this juncture are prepared to look at a two year deal
  • A tightening up of procedures whereby employers will be restricted from putting workers on short time unduly.

UASA welcomes petrol price relief for workers, consumers

The trade union UASA welcomes the good news that struggling workers and consumers will pay between 20 and 30 cents per litre less for their petrol and 6 to 10 cents less per litre of Diesel.