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UASA satisfied after successful wage negotiation season

The trade union UASA has achieved excellent results for its members in this year’s wage negations in the following sectors:

UASA will fight the retrenchment of its DRD members

Blyvoor situation has wider ramificationsWhile UASA is preparing for the consultation process to minimise the negative effects of the pending retrenchment of approximately 500 employees, we are also involved in a battle to keep the electricity supply to their homes going in the face of ESKOM threatening to cut the electricity supply to the mine.

High electricity prices turn targets of New Growth Path to pie in the sky

Government should not expect mass job creation, or job creation at all

De Beers' exodus to Botswana a hefty price to pay for irresponsible, poor and visionless leadership

Opinion piece by Koos Bezuidenhout, Chief Executive Officer of UASA, the second largest mining union in South Africa.

Rates would drop if SARB were concerned about both inflation and unemployment

A further reduction of at least one percentage point is possible 

Inquiry into arms deal must be honest, legitimate seach for truth

Hopefully, the investigation will be for the right reasons

Excessive municipal spending an insult to the taxpayer

The message: stop with your lavish spending, flamboyance and flair



The Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) is highly disappointed with Government’s latest no show at the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) this morning. Representatives from government departments were scheduled to meet with Organised Business and Organised Labour (FEDUSA and COSATU). COSATU recently joined FEDUSA’s Section 77 Protest Action against Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) and waste water treatment and wished to formally add additional concerns relating to water quality and accessibility.

UASA welcomes drop in murder rate, but remains cynical

Is it just dwindeling rhetoric?

Climate change may bring new opportunities

Debate on this issue is essential