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Third wave should not keep workers from earning

UASA takes note of government’s swift action regarding possible stricter lockdown regulations ahead of the Easter Holiday.


Health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize said a stricter lockdown level was recommended as part of a consultation process and based on scientific evidence against the background of the Covid-19 cases which are slowly rising again.

UASA pleads with government to leave industries open and fully operational whatever decisions are taken. South Africa’s unemployment rate is at its highest ever and we simply cannot  afford any more layoffs or temporary production halts. South Africans are doing their best to survive in a weak economy, a harsh reality considering the high cost of living. Most companies and industries are still trying to recover lost profits as a result of lockdown regulations in 2020.

Workers are bread winners with families who depend on their income and a further blow to workers’ income is something that South Africans can’t afford. The cost for basic needs, including food, fuel and electricity, keep soaring, resulting in South Africans surviving from hand to mouth with the little that they can afford.

Of course, we are wary about the possibility of a third wave but workers need to sustain their families at all costs. 

UASA urges South Africans to be vigilant, stay at home during the Easter holidays and help flatten the curve. Remember and adhere to health and safety regulations in place and protect yourself and your loved ones against the spread of Covid-19. It’s up to us to make sure that we are all safe and that our economy is fully operational again.

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