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Racial goodwill in South Africa an important reason for hope

The SA Institute of Race Relations (IRR) celebrates Human Rights Day with the release of its latest research showing that relations between South Africans of different races are mainly positive, with an overwhelming majority believing that ‘the different races need each other for progress and there should be equal opportunities for all’.

We are proud of you Elizabeth!

We congratulate Elizabeth Pule on getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Management Accounting at UNISA.

At last South Africa’s disenfranchised see government action with the transfer of home ownership

The Treasury’s plans to speed up the transfer of ownership of homes worth R180 billion ($15 billion) to about one million poor people from April,

Delayed Day Zero doesn’t mean ditching water saving efforts

If it does come, how will my insurance be affected? 

Wage negotiations: Private security industry

While discussions regarding the establishment of a Bargaining Council for the industry is ongoing, organized labour has formulated its wage demands.