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Do not become a victim of a scam

Anyone can fall victim to a scam! But three simple actions can keep your hard-earned money protected: STOP to ask yourself if this could be a scam; CHECK to see if you’re being targeted; and REPORT and suspicious activity to help others too.

Meet our newest UASA team members

Welcome to the UASA Family Aletta and Rick

StatsSA’s employment statistics dire for the 70% of working-age South Africans who crave jobs

With only 30% of working-age South Africans formally employed,

We are saying goodbye to a few UASA employees

Farewell Andre and Mercia

Cyril's New Dawn plan will require a new game plan

Like any business or organisation on a slippery slope, South Africa needs a turnaround strategy. Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa came forward with his New Dawn plan, and, as can be expected, there are those who support him and those who may have better plans.