Fuel price, taxes financially cripple South Africa’s workers

As of midnight tomorrow the petrol price increases by a whopping 72 cents a litre, and all grades of diesel by 65,2c per litre.

This is in addition to an increase in the fuel and the Road Accident Fund levy of 52 cents a litre combined.

We have just seen the implementation of sugar tax and the VAT increase, and a carbon tax will follow soon.

All this means that South Africans will have to tighten their belts as of this week as the state is raking in ever-increasing taxes.

The resulting extra expense will put workers under pressure as all basic necessities such as food, clothing and transport will be affected. Companies will pass on the increases to the consumer through price and fee hikes, or may have to retrench workers to stay profitable.

It seems the state is spending far too much money and the country’s workers are expected to fund the excesses. This while Stats SA’s 2017 Poverty Trends report shows that around 55% of South Africans live below the upper poverty line.

Clearly, our upcoming middleclass and the poorest of the poor will once again suffer most.

UASA demands that the state start saving on its expenditure wherever possible and without delay and start acting in the best interest of its citizens. Financially crippling our workers is not the way to go about creating a better future for all.

Last week’s drop in the interest rate, although welcome, is not even a drop in the bucket compared to what South Africans are expected to fork out.                                                                        

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